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Service 服务 . Leadership 领导 . Mindfulness 正念


Our Vision

Enable Organisation’s Knowledge 知识 . Skills 技术 . Attitude 心态

Awaken Individual’s Body 身 . Mind 心 . Spirit 灵



Cultivate Knowledge 提升知识, Develop Skills 发展技术, Inculcate Attitude 培育心态

Nurture our Body 养身, Cultivate our Mind 观心, Unleash our Spirituality 修灵


Welcome to Quantum Leap 雀跃! 😊

This is a place to accumulate your knowledge, skills, and attitude in service, leadership and mindfulness to become successful in life.

In addition, this is a platform to cultivate your body, mind and spirit to achieve personal happiness!  💪😃🙏


Cultivate Knowledge


Develop Skills


Inculcate Attitude


+ 50 %
+ 70 %
- 45 %
Talent Loss

Udemy Coaching Bundle

Ever wondered about the sales techniques honed and mastered by companies such as Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and other modern brands used by Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble?

Well look no further – this course covers basic sales strategies and tactics, and seeks to enlighten learners on how organisations work. Additionally, participants will also learn how a modern sales structure works and what are the different roles entailed that contribute to its functionality.

Through engaging and meaningful discussions, participants will also learn how to identify and target their customers, how to write and deliver compelling pitches, as well as how to qualify and how to structure sales funnels.

  • Sales 101
  • Prospecting
  • Funnelling
  • Closing

Udemy Coaching Bundle

The coaching session will provide learners a platform to apply the selling skills required in a sales cycle from the moment they start handling the account and get to know the customers to closing sales and building strong relationship with them.

The learners will develop practical selling skills in this course and improve their communication skills with their customers. Sales people at any level are suitable to attend this training.

Account Management

The moment they start handling the account

Direct Sales

Know the customers to closing sales

High Touch

Building strong relationship with customers.

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Meet Our Stakeholders

Your Coaches


Radiance Coach, Founder

BSc(CIS), MBA, BLI (ThinkBuzan), ACTA, Blended Coach (BLC), CC (TMI)

I have more than 15 years experiences in the fast paced IT industry, in particular with some of the best global MNCs like CA, Sun Microsystems, IBM and Dell EMC, acting in various capacities as the regional Channel Sales Leader in Asia Pacific & ASEAN countries previously.

More importantly, I was the top 10% revenue achiever for many consecutive years. In addition, I have coached many IT Channel Partners and led associated business leaders and owners to grow their business with me!

Currently, I’m an aspiring adult educator focusing on enabling organisation’s digital transformation, sales excellence, radiance leadership and disruptive advantage in management.

A freelance trainer in SkillsFuture courses and a lecturer on dharma in particular facilitating teachings pertaining to Lam Rim Chen Mo.

In addition, I was the Secretary General in the Board of BW Monastery from 2014-2108 and was the President of LCS Toastmasters Club 2017/2018.

Hazel TAN

Principal Coach, Director

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

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"Your Life Is an Expression of Your Mind."
Words of Wisdom

Service 服务 . Leadership 领导 . Mindfulness 正念. 😊📿💙