The 6 Endeavours #1 Diligence

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#1 Diligence – Strive Harder than Anyone Else

It is the law of nature that all efforts must be exerted toward survival.

  • This law applies to everything from wild flowers and animals to all of us as well.

Inamori tells us that in order to “strive harder than anyone else,” we must first fall in love with our work.

  • If you learn to love your work, you will dedicate yourself further, which will stimulate stronger desires and the creativity to make continuous improvements.
  • “I’m working very hard in my own way” shouldn’t be the level of our effort; we should be able to proudly declare, “I’m striving harder than anyone else.”

The key is to fall in love with your work; become engrossed by it; and exert efforts far above others.

  • Striving harder than anyone else will produce wonderful results.

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