The 6 Endeavours #2 Humility

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#2 Humility – Remain Humble

It may sometimes appear that the only people who succeed are those who step on others to get ahead, but this is not true.

  • As shown by proverbs from around the world that emphasise the importance of humility, truly successful people are those who remain humble.

We should be mindful of our human potential to become arrogant without even realising it,

  • which often happens as soon as things start going well in life and at work.

There are many people, unfortunately, who achieved great success when they were younger, only to begin tumbling downward toward ruin later in life.

  • This is because they forgot their humility and diverged onto the wrong path.

Please never forget this principle to “remain humble,” even when you become successful as the result of striving harder than anyone else.

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