The 6 Endeavours Seminar @ BW Monastery

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“What are the 6 Endeavours?” Seminar

BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 – BW Monastery Seminar : What are the Six Endeavours? 什么是六度? (Bilingual)

“To become a buddha, a bodhisattva has to practise six perfections in the Mahayana buddhism. What are the six perfections and how do we put some of the teachings into practice in our daily life? Join us to learn about the six endeavours many business leaders are leveraging on as essentials in managing business and living a wonderful life!”

I had the pleasure to conduct another seminar at BW Monastery yesterday afternoon.  The topic was “What Are The 6 Endeavours?” and I touched on the 6 Perfections in Mahayana Buddhism and how do we apply essence of the 6 Perfections in our daily life in particular at work based on the 6 endeavours by Dr. Kazuo Inamori.

The audience is a small group as you can see in the snapshots below. I hoped my sharings are meaningful and they have picked up a few points they could put into practice in their everyday life. 👌😊🙏 

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