Enable Organisations’ Knowledge 知识 . Skills 技术 . Attitude 心态:

QL Sales Quotient 雀跃销商 – Sales Excellence, Digital Scaling, Disruptive Satisfaction
QL Radiant Quotient 雀跃亮商 – Create & Innovate, Relearn and Reinvent, Disruptive Mindfulness
QL Leadership Quotient 雀跃领商 – C-Factors Initiation, Disruptive Influence, Radiant Leadership
QL Management Quotient 雀跃理商 – Competitive Autonomy, Digital Revolution, Disruptive Advantage

Awaken Individuals’ Body 身 . Mind 心 . Spirit 灵:

QL Fit 雀跃气 – Nurture the Body 养身
QL Mindfulness 雀跃禅 – Cultivate the Mind 观心
QL Meditation 雀跃悟 – Unleash the Spirituality 修灵


Udemy Coaching Bundle: Power-Up Instantly as a Sales Specialist

Ever wondered about the sales techniques honed and mastered by companies such as Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and other modern brands used by Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble?

Well look no further – this course covers basic sales strategies and tactics, and seeks to enlighten learners on how organisations work. Additionally, participants will also learn how a modern sales structure works and what are the different roles entailed that contribute to its functionality.

Through engaging and meaningful discussions, participants will also learn how to identify and target their customers, how to write and deliver compelling pitches, as well as how to qualify and how to structure sales funnels.


Udemy Coaching Bundle: Develop Effective Selling Skills to Exceed Sales Target

The coaching session will provide learners a platform to apply the selling skills required in a sales cycle from the moment they start handling the account and get to know the customers to closing sales and building strong relationship with them.

The learners will develop practical selling skills in this course and improve their communication skills with their customers. Sales people at any level are suitable to attend this training.